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With Mysterium now launched in the US with Lerner Books, and an interesting discussion with members of the Golden Egg Academy the other night, I thought it was time to mention a long-running, informal competition about the trilogy…!

It can take a long time to negotiate your way to publication, and even then the waters often aren’t smooth. Hidden, or worn proudly, somewhere in a book or series should be a scene, a moment, an image, a piece of dialogue that you are desperate to write. That powers the effort along, lends it heart, keeps your spirits up in bad moments, and hopefully shines through - even subconsciously - when the book is finally read.

And whatever happens to that book after publication, you at least have the prize of knowing that you said the thing you wanted and needed to say.

The Mysterium trilogy is a very personal story at its core. Beneath the chases and explosions and tricks is a deep emotional current. Each book contains a key page or two that I ‘wrote towards’ - but one page in particular carries the heart of Danny’s story. I often ask people in signing queues if they can work out what it is and let me know, but so far nobody has claimed the prize!

And what is that prize? Well, this is an informal competition - and the eventual prize will depend on the reader who spots it. Maybe signed books, maybe a visit to your school, maybe an appraisal and comment of your manuscript if you’re an aspirant writer…
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