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Over the last few weeks I’ve been putting the finishing touches to Book 3 of The Mysterium - negotiating the final re-writes with my editor. At the same time it’s been great fun getting out to various schools to promote Book 1 – but quite strange talking about that end of the trilogy, when all my focus has been on getting the climactic finish to Danny’s adventure just right.
And then there’s the pitch for the next book, the long-term film project, the day job, a sick dog, the imminent arrival of our graphic novel Dark Satanic Mills…
In my school talks I’m using my juggling knives to put forward a metaphor-based explanation of why it took me so long to get across the publishing threshold. Juggling and other circus skills are put to hard work in their metaphoric roles, and I am pushing a ‘don’t-be-afraid-to-drop-in-public’ version to explain my delay.
But the other, more obvious, metaphor – keeping lots of things in the air at once – has never seemed more apt. So far no major injuries to audience or performer, but I’m trying to remember that it’s inevitable that I’m going to drop a knife once in a while. And it
will be OK when I do.
In the mean time some real professionals showed me how it’s done. At
Out There street circus festival in Great Yarmouth there were many wonderful acts. But Collectif Malunes (above) stole the show for me. Three acrobats and a trapeze artist managed somehow to explain everything there is to know about the eternal story of boy meets girl – via teeterboard, a small antique caravan, a bucket of apples, a sledgehammer, a lumberjack outfit, the removal of clothing and a rocking soundtrack. We left happier, energised and somehow slightly wiser…
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